Walk and Talk

I am inviting everbody and anybody to join me for what I am calling a Walk and Talk.

You are welcome to join me on any stretch of the journey for an hour, a day or more. If you feel like stretching your legs, breathing the fresh air and discussing the issues that will help us build community, communication and empowerment, especially concerning water, see the Where and When section, choose a place and time to meet me and then contact me.

I have invited some key personalities from the South West and further afield who have their own perspectives on water. With luck, they will be able to join me for some of the journey to raise the profile of the walk and for me to understand as much as possible about the issues and demands.


So far, I have invited Satish Kumar, one of my inspirations, who has agreed to walk with me and also has invited me to both stay with him in Devon and to accompany him to the Save Our World Music Festival at Tapeley Park on 18/19 July 2009.

Others invitees are: Sir David Attenborough (Natural World), Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer), Tim Smit (Eden Project), Rebecca Hoskin (Farming for the Future), Rob Hopkins (Transistion Towns), Rick Stein (Chef), Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Chef), Ray Mears (Survival Expert) and many more.

01054800Sir David Attenborough wrote to me recently to explain his health prevents him from joining me but that he loved the idea of the walk. Fingers crossed that the rest will be happy to come.

Click here to follow the progress of Walk and Talk.


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