Posted by: Peace Day Pilgrim | September 13, 2009

The end of the journey…or just the beginning?

Well, I finished my walk around the South West Coast Path yesterday on possibly the most beautiful day of entire journey. Blue skies and warm early-autumn sunshine blessed the day for which I am thankful.

I would also like to thank the following people for showing up to give support on the last day: Ally, Lorna, Lucie, Rob, Rocco and Tam. Thanks to Katie Black for providing a place to stay at Durlston Country Park last night and to Bill and Glenys for giving us some sound advice on suitable footwear for the Red Lion gents!

The CoastAlong event for WaterAid seemed to go well and I was happy to meet a team from Bournemouth Rotary Club near the end. A photo with them and a wedding couple made for a surreal moment. Thanks to Hazel for organising the end refreshments at South Haven Point for the event.

The final few steps…

What can I say about the end stage of a 630 miles walk? Perhaps, I will leave my sentiments for a couple of days for the whole experience to sink in. I can tell you that I am very happy that the story has made it out on the BBC News Online website and was top story for Friday’s BBC Online Magazine. The whole idea of the pilgrimage was to raise awareness for local and global water issues and getting it out on this kind of scale makes it all worthwhile:

I suppose the hardwork is just beginning. The idea of Waterilgrim was to ask:

1. What are we doing with water?

2. What are the problems/successes?

3. If there are problems….what are the potential solutions?

These questions have raised an enormous list of answers. My job now is to collate all the information, brainstorm with as many people who would like to be involved and then get on find some suitable actions.

Water is the most important resource we have. We must take it seriously, all of us. Please get in contact if you would like to contribute to the ideas or would like to hear about the projects that have spawned from Waterpilgrim. We have an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to take control of our lives. To reliquish the hold of money-centric focus and more to a nature/human based view where we actually look out for everything on the planet rather than defiling, damaging and exploting.

Thank you to all the people who have helped along the way. Without you, my journey would have ended before reaching Poole. With your help, I reached the end of path and the beginning of world of possibilities.

More anon….



  1. Well done Max!! I am so pleased you found the help you needed along the way.
    I followed your progress since we met in Crackington, I am so pleased to have been a very small part of your journey.
    I wish you good health and happiness for the rest of your lifes journey
    xx Margaret

  2. Well done Max. It was nice to meet you & hope to renew acquaintance befor long. Jill in Porthleven.

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