About Maxim


I am 29 years of age and disillusionned with the way the world is going.

My interests lie in how humans relate to each other and how humankind relates to the world around it. Inspired by Satish Kumar (Schumacher College) toward a non-Cartesian perspective of ‘you are, therefore I am’, I realise that we are all interconnected. It is these relationships, on a one-to-one basis or between nations, which are the building blocks of humankind.

Western ideology is dualistic with a widespread mindset of ‘them and us’. For me, this has to be explored, investigated, understood and then perhaps evolved so that we can continue to push the boundaries of development without leaving the majority of the world behind.

The global issues we face as a species can seem daunting at times and that fear itself is the first hurdle. Once we get over that and embrace the wonders of our very existence, we can get on with finding our own individual local actions that will link together for a better world.

As a taoist, I am developing a fluid approach to life. Seeking my own tao (path) without trying to man-handle the steering wheel, without trying to swim up-stream.



  1. Hi Max I was hoping to see you before you set off
    I think its a great thing you are doing, as time goes on, I think people will start thinking we have to return to old values the way we use water, sorry in my young days when we could only have a bath on a friday night and boil rain water to wash our hair and put the rest on the garden, when I think back to thows times, people dont beleve me but water was like food was hard to get, I hope you are o K love Pat

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