Crop ofDSC04439My name is Maxim Laithwaite and in the summer of 2009, I walked over 1000 kms  (630 miles) along the South West Coast Path, without money, in order to raise awareness for local and global water issues.  

The walk has finished now and you can read about how it went by clicking on the heading Journal; however the end of the walk is only the beginning of the journey. I am committed to communicating the answers I have found to the questions I asked on the walk and to helping with the potential solutions.  

Click here to see the BBC Worldwide Online Magazine article on Waterpilgrim


Remember, water permeates every aspect of our lives. The issues range from rivers and oceans, climate change, pollution, alternative energy to poverty, human rights, gender inequality and basic, clean drinking water.  

To date, I have raised £3,000 for WaterAid.  

For more info about the walk, the reasons and the charity, click on any of the headings below:  

The ChallengeWATERAID_COL_LOGO_(small)  


About Maxim  

Walk and Talk  


Max Laithwaite is now working for charity called Westden based in Tavistock, Devon. For more information on what Westden are all about please click here.



  1. We have a small cafe in the carpark in Helford Village the end point of your walk on 11th August.
    We would be willing to offer you a sandwich / cream tea / hot / cold drink (depending on weather!) when you get here. We also offer free WiFi access so you can catch up on your journal. We close at about 18.00 however if you are running very late you can call us on 01326 231893 and we can wait for you.
    Good luck in your mission!
    Kinds regards
    Ottie Skewes

  2. Glad to offer of any accommodation , food and internet access you need while in the Bigbury area . Am at Thurlestone .

    Best wishes

  3. hi max,
    glad to see the sun is shining today, for you.
    I know you are doing this to bring more awareness about water…..but does it mean you have to be wet everyday?
    We welcome you ,with a clean bed and hot meal, in Falmouth Surf School Accommodation when you are in our neck of the woods.

  4. Hey Max if you are passing St Austell/charlestown part of the coast then spare bed and food with me and the nippers if needed. good luck, and nicely done, great idea and way to raise awareness.

  5. Hello Daddy, I hope you are really well now and I hope that your walking is really good now. It was fun having a walk with you on the beach yesterday. I promise you that I will give those shells to Lucie this evening. Lots of love from Rocco xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I love you darling x x x big warm drying kisses may the sun shine for you today and may your feet be light and your spirits high x x x see you soon x

  7. Hello there – great stuff and think we maybe able to help with some promotion. I am in process of developing a Blue Gym website. BG is about promoting physical and mental well being thorugh using water inland and coastal. We can flag up the work you are doing on the site. PLease send me an email back and I can send you an invite to the site. Its not open to general public yet but will have launch on 27th of August. Best wishes
    Chris Hines

    • Chris, good to hear from you and strangely enough I met a chap who runs one of the surf shops in Porthtowan near the Blue Bar. He saw my flag and told me all about your project. I feel bad that I have forgotten his name but I am very excited about your project and would love to do a mutual promotion. Shall we talk on the phone sometime or let me know what you need me to send you. All Waterpilgrim details can be found at http://www.waterpilgrim.com so if you could put a link on the site that would be great. I am updating my journal today and will be put yours in if you let me have the address. I know it isn’t public yet so perhaps you want me to hold back? Email me at maximlaithwaite@waterpilgrim.com or call me on 078 99 96 02 21. Max

      • Hi Max
        Terrible weather today. Have you got shelter for tonight? If not please ring me and I can meet you in Hayle and provide a bed for the night and a hot meal. Tried to ring you a couple of times and left messages – hope you are OK? Will be on this email til 4pm.
        Best wishes
        Loveday Jenkin

      • Loveday, thank you so much for the offer. I have somewhere tonight because I have used one of my rest days early because the weather is torrential. I really appreciate the support.

      • Let me know if you need any accomodation later on. We live at Praze an Beeble so equidistant from Hayle, Praa Sands. Am away from the 5th Aug, back on the 13th. Don’t hesitate to ask.

  8. Hi Max,
    just to let you know we are all thinking of you! Keep up the good work! Gavs is going to try to catch up with you and share some walking in the next week or so xx

  9. We would be very happy to offer you something to eat and drink when you pass us and we also have a free Wi-Fi at our cafe.
    We are in the Station Car Park, Marazion (Penzance to Praa Sands leg)

    Kind regards,

    Ben & SJ
    Jordan’s Cafe

  10. Well done Max – your pilgrimage has really opened my eyes to water issues – including how it can ruin holidays when it never stops raining in July!
    To all your supporters: We have leaflets for distribution and pub quiz’s available if anybody would like to help with publicity; contact me at Westden on 01822 618715 or admin@westden.co.uk.

  11. Hi Max,
    Wonderful idea. I have just come home from walking alone only 2 days on the sw coast path in the sheeting rain so I know a bit about how it feels !! Just finished reading “you are therefore I am” recognising our interdependence is one large part of the way forward I feel….
    Hope you are finding that trusting brings miracles. I have found that it does !!
    We live in Bradninch, Mid Devon and I would love to join you to walk and talk when you are nearer our part of the coast. I can bring a huge picnic… We are 40mins by car from the Exmouth- Beer section so would be happy to collect you and give you bed, bath , hot meal when you are passing if it fits in with your plans… Call me if you want to on 01392 881417 or 07792339237.
    My email is tooft@talktalk.net
    All best wishes

  12. Hi Max I was back to London for a few days and thinking of you and will now see where you are I hope you are finding better weather Pat

  13. I’d love you to stay with me my love, friday saturday
    x x x x x x x x

  14. Congratulations Max, we are very proud of you. Hope to see you in Amsterdam one day. Love Fran and Henry.

  15. Dude you rock! Do you mind if I take a picture from your site and put it on my blog titled “Water Saving Tips” and reference your website as well? I will even post your site as a great reference for much more information.

    • Thanks. No problem, help yourself.

  16. If you ever make it to the states to walk. Please come stop by Virginia for some hospitality. We would love to help.

  17. just seen this. we would have put you up, but philip did it for you and probably gave you a fabulous meal at The Mill House

    • oops forgot – that would now be Pebbles at Lulworth

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