Posted by: Peace Day Pilgrim | May 8, 2012

Peace Day Pilgrim

Dear Friends,

Peace Day Pilgrim is walking 1200 miles through the UK & Ireland this summer to raise awareness for Global Truce 2012 on 21 September. Global Truce marks the UN International Day of Peace and this year, the organisation behind the movement, Peace One Day, are aiming to record the largest reduction in violence the world has ever seen and the largest gathering of people in the name of peace.

In 2007, Peace One Day managed to negotiate a 24 hour ceasefire in Afghanistan between the Taleban and the Allied Forces on Peace Day. Due to the cessation of violence, 10,000 aid workers were deployed who were able to vaccinate over 1.5 million children against polio. It is quite amazing what can be achieved in one day!

But it is also about longer term behaviour change. We can only dream of what can happen when the children in conflict zones are allowed a day of respite. And as they grow up, they turn around and ask…."why not two days…why not a week???".

Yet, with this amazing idea spreading across the globe (>100 million involved in Peace Day 2011), there is little awareness in the UK. Remember violence is not just about war. Domestic violence is another form which must be addressed here on our shores.

So, the aim of Peace Day Pilgrim is to walk and talk about the issues behind Global Truce 2012 and the organisation Peace One Day. To spread the word about the Worldwide Student and the Eradication of Domestic Violence campaigns. To inspire a common voice from the grassroots about how we wish to eradicate violence from our homes, streets and from the battlefields.

The journey also marks the 50th anniversary of Satish Kumar’s 8800 mile pilgrimage against nuclear proliferation. In the same way, Peace Day Pilgrim will be walking without money, placing his faith in the kindness of strangers. This means that the success of the journey relies on the same human spirit that will make Global Truce 2012 a success. If Peace Day Pilgrim can make it to London then we can show that we have what it takes.

That means it relies on people like you! If you want to get involved or offer support to Peace Day Pilgrim, then please get in touch on any of the contact details below. Perhaps you fancy walking on part of the route? Perhaps you want to host a screening of the Peace One Day films as Peace Day Pilgrim comes through your area? Perhaps you fancy donating to help with the small start up costs. Or perhaps you just fancy coming along to say hello?

There will be a launch event on 26th May at 7pm at The Wharf in Tavistock. If you are local then why not come down and listen to Satish Kumar (Resurgence), Jeremy Gilley (Founder of Peace One Day) and Maxim Laithwaite (Peace Day Pilgrim) along with a screening of the film and some live jazz. Suggested donations of £5 per person for those that can afford it.

The main walk starts in Derry/Londonderry on 21 June and ends in London on 21 September taking in each of the five capital cities. For more information visit or follow on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you so much for your time.



Peace Day Pilgrim

Tel: 07899 960221





[N.B. Your email address has been used because of one of various reasons including your affliation with one of the support organisations of Peace Day Pilgrim (e.g. Westden, TaVi Network, SCfD, Transition Tavistock etc) or you know me personally or through a recommendation or as a press email address. If you would like to be removed from this distribution list then please reply and it will be removed immediately. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the exciting updates from Peace Day Pilgrim]


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