Posted by: Peace Day Pilgrim | August 15, 2009

Day 37: Landslides and video calls

Day 37: Mevagissey to Par, 11.5 miles.

I parted Alex after a healthy organic breakfast and headed towards some surprisingly steep climbs on my way to Par. Landslides had caused a diversion along a two mile stretch of road into Charlestown where I was greeted with two Tall Ships in the harbour. Development along this part of the coastline is rife. Disused clay factories are being turned into holiday apartments and beach side resorts. A golf course straddles the path at one stage which was mildly disconcerting because of flying balls.

I had to put my foot down today because I had arranged to do video call with Vinnie and the crowd at Braziers in Oxfordshire. After some technical hitches we managed to get it up and running and I did a ten minute interview which was good fun. They were very interested in how people were finding the idea of me walking without money. This seems to be a common line of questionning. I told them my reasons as follows. Firstly, being without money means that I am forced to talk about the issues every day. I need to find food and a place to stay. I cannot go and hideaway in my hotel. This maximises my time spent talking with people and puts the issues before my welfare. Secondly, it highlights the plight of people without. There are alot of people in the world who have no idea where their next meal is coming from and so for my pilgrimage, nor will I. It creates discussion about this and of course about how much food and water we waste and of course how consumer driven we are. Thirdly, it means that everybody is donating along the way. Instead of me spending money on a pasty, I can donate that money myself to WaterAid, which means that at every stage donations are being raised and I am not spending before raising. Fourthly, and perhaps more generally, it opens the debate about whether money should be the focus of our actions. It can be argued that we have become money-centric in this country. We measure people on the money they earn and the money they spend rather then the deeds the do. New ideas and projects are denounced on monetary terms before they even get going even though they may be a great thing for society. I believe this is the wrong way around. Money is just a tool. A tool like a hammer or a saw. Very useful indeed but still just a tool. A painter wouldn’t paint a painting based on what the brush dictates. They get the brush to work for them. They would not be slave to the brush and nor should we be slave to money. The financial system we have is based on an ever spiralling debt system. That system is linear too. A spiralling linear system….? Contradiction? Or illusion? Whatever your political, economic or philosophical opinions, we must put money in the right priority and place in our lives. Somehow, perhaps these questions are asked by being a penniless pilgrim?



  1. Probably the most interesting observations of the whole trip addressing the question of ‘Why do it with no money’. Well done, Max. You’ll get my cheque

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