Posted by: Peace Day Pilgrim | August 18, 2009

Day 40/41: Polperro to Portwrinkle to Cremyl

Day 40: Polperro to Portwrinkle, 12.6 miles.

Many thanks to Liz and Rob Davis at the Island View Cafe in Looe for their tea and scone and to Clarise and Lucy at the Seaton Beach Cafe for their hospitality. Many thanks also to Helen at the Whitsand Bay Hotel in Portwrinkle for the ice cold orange and lemonade. Perfect.

It was great to meet Anne Ellison in Portwrinkle and stay at her wonderful house over-looking the bay. I could have sat watching her view for the rest of my life. Anne had got in contact as soon as she read the article in the Western Morning News and we both very excited to meet each other. She treated me to a huge spag bol and we chatted for hours about my life and her’s. She is an osteopath so we discussed alternative therapies and so forth. I missed John, her husband, because he was out at football but I we managed to meet in the morning over breakfast.

Day 41: Portwrinkle to Cremyl, 13.3 miles.

I was delighted to have Anne join me for a few miles today. The tide was out so we took advantage of the firm sand on the beach all the way back up to her house where she put on a wonderful lunch. Full to the brim, I headed off towards Rame Head.

Along the way I met a chap called George who is a homeless man walking the entire coast of Britain. We had a good chat about life and walking and I gave him some pointers of where he may be able to stay and get some food. The ripples are moving fast. We talked about another chap who I had met earlier in the day called Alex who in his last month or so of walking the entire coast. Makes me think whether I will stop when I reach Poole? Rather like the idea of carrying on.

Tonight was made very special with a pub quiz at the Mark of Friendship in Mill Brook. Dick, the landlord, and his partner Megan had put the word out and 7 full teams turned up to raise some cash. Many thanks to Viv and Kim for instigating it but I can’t thank Dick enough for helping make the night a great success. We raised over £130 and the bottles of wine that Dick had donated as prizes were all put back on the table to be raffled off. This pub quiz idea seems to be a winner. It gets the message across and raises funds. Thanks to all the people who turned up, donated the funds and especially for buying back the wine they had already won (John and Anne!!).

More anon.


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