Posted by: Peace Day Pilgrim | May 19, 2009

999 It’s Time

An Emerge & See Movement

999 It’s Time is a new movement that will help transform the dates 09.09.09, 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 into pivotal dates in modern history.

In the 9 weeks leading up to 999 Day itself, a series of high-profile multi-media events and widespread media coverage will seek to mobilise a critical mass of the population to take a number of individual and collective actions on 9th September 2009.

“999 It’s Time is precisely the sort of mass movement we need to pressure world leaders to get a grip. Time is running out and I urge everybody to get on board now”. – Zac Goldsmith

9 Action Areas and 9 Ambassadors

The 999 team has identified 9 core action areas where we can all engage with positive change which are Activism, Awareness, Consumerism, Conservation, Community, Culture and Economics, Environment and People Power.

Each is championed by an ambassador who will help guide and galvanise you to take simple effective action. The ambassadors are:

Activism = Sam Roddick

Awareness = Rory Spowers

Community = Bruce Parry

Conservation = Polly Higgins

Consumerism = Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Culture = Misty Oldland

Economics = Charlotte di Vita

Environment = Tamsin Omond

People Power = Pete Myers

It’s time…

Events and Manifesto

On 9 September 2009, 999 It’s Time will orchestrate 9 maximum profile events and actions designed to replace a rapacious, fossil fuel dependent economy with a healthy abundant one.

Between now and 999 DAY, aligning ourselves with thought-leading activists, artists, scientists, politicans, economists and thinkers, we will wed the most credible and creative ideas into the 999 It’s Time Manifesto.

The Outcomes

In addition to the individual and group actions proposed by the 999 Ambassadors, 999 It’s Time seeks to deliver three further outcomes:

1) At least 200,000 more UK homes signed up to green electricity schemes;

2) A national petition to government demanding a 9% cut in carbon emissions every year for three years – 9/9/9;

3) The planting of 9 million trees, in the UK and overseas, every year for three years – 9/9/9.

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